Technology for Teaching & Learning – Three Views

I recently came across three short articles that approach the use of technology in teaching from very different perspectives.

The first, Technology Changing How Students Learn, Teachers Say, explores whether technology, and our use of it in teaching, enables a distraction behavior that is detrimental to students over the long term (and exhausting to teachers in the day-to-day). It also discusses an intriguing counter to this argument, basically asking if this “distraction” might not be a failure of adults to see how today’s students are processing information.

The second article, How Should Teaching Change in the Age of Siri?, focuses on the question of how teaching should change in light of students being able to access “the answers” with ease and immediacy. I found this line of questing really thoughtful – it made me wonder what would happen if we stopped teaching and assessing the outcomes of learning and instead focused wholly on the process of learning. Maybe this is exactly what some are doing? If so – how does this work with assessments of learning outcomes?

The third, Teaching Without Technology?, focuses on technology as a catalyst for moving the learner from a consumption model to an inquiry model. Nothing earth-shattering here but I did like how it rounded out the conversation in context with the above two articles.

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